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Ladies Mini Marathon

20th April at 2:00 pm to 7th June 2010 at 8:00 pm


What is Autism:


Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. People with autism have difficulties with everyday social interaction. It is thought that 1 in 166 children are affected by Autism.

Why help to raise funds for Saplings Midlands:


Saplings Midlands was set up in Feb 2006 and uses the ABA model of education and intervention. It requires one-to-one tuition delivered through individual educational plans devised for each child based on their difficulties. ABA focuses strongly on the principle of positive reinforcement to encourage appropriate behaviours and motivate children to learn and acquire new skills.  The school is only part funded by the Dept. of education and the parents have to fund the remaining monies which amounts to 200K euro. To date, two of our children have graduated from Saplings and are attending full time education in mainstream schools. We currently have three other children being integrated into mainstream school.

Summary of things to Do: 

  1. Ensure you have registered on www.womensminimarathon.ie or get entry
  2. form in evening Herald on either Wednesday or Saturday. 
  3. Collect your RACE no. at the designated mini marathon collection points (see collection points below).

3.   Please try to focus on completing your sponsorship cards and where possible return them along with the monies collected on or before June 4th so we can let everybody know on marathon day the total amount raised for this event.

4.   Phone the school by Friday 4th June with your amount collected including your name.

5.   If taking the bus, please wear your T–shirts so that you are easily identified at your bus collection points.

Race number collection:

Please remember to collect your race numbers, or ask a friend to collect.  The following is the dates, times and venues for collection of race numbers.



You must bring your registration letter to collect your Race Number. (It is uniquely coded - one letter, one number). The times and dates are as follows:


Mullingar          Saturday 29th May      11am-6pm         Elverys Sports, Lakepoint Shopping Centre. (Near the Cinema)                                                                

Dublin              Friday 4th June               12pm-8pm     Womans World Show, RDS,Simmonscourt.

Dublin              Saturday 5th June          10am-6pm     Womans World Show, RDS, Simmonscourt.

Dublin              Sunday 6th June            11am-6pm       Womans World Show, RDS, Simmonscourt.

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