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32 Marathons

20th April at 2:00 pm to 2nd August 2010 at 8:00 pm

All Counties in Ireland

32 Marathons Challenge

The Challenge
Gerry Duffy and Ken Whitelaw will attempt to run 32 consecutive marathons in 32 counties in just 32 days! This promises to be a truly amazing accomplishment should they be successful. Starting on Friday July 2nd 2010 they will visit the entire 32 counties running 26.2 miles each and every day.

This event is being co-ordinated and organised entirely by Irish Autism Action (Charity Number CHY 14656) and Autism NI (Charity Number XR 22944). In addition Gerry and Ken also wish to make a donation to the Irish Cancer Society (Charity Number CHY 5863).

So how can you help?
We want you to share part of this FUN EVENT by joining us on ONE of these days and in the process raise funds for charity. You can run either a FULL marathon of 26.2 miles or if you prefer, you can run a HALF marathon of 13.1 miles. Our goal is to sign up 32 runners to join us each day.
Each runner is asked to raise funds to participate:

Contact Trish on 04493 84853

FULL MARATHON runners are asked to raise €1,000 / 1,000
HALF MARATHON runners are asked to raise €600 / 600

Some people may be able to raise more, others less, but every cent/penny counts!

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